Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Riveting Account of Death and Return to “Life”


I am aware that this title may appear ghoulish but it is nothing of the sort. It is a deeply touching and edifying account of a woman who was dead for many minutes (at least 20) if I count right from her telling. Her name is Renee Pasarow. She’s a Baha’i and her talk is addressing a Baha’i congregation.

Please be patient with her introduction, which is concerning her faith. I promise it is worth it. I’m not sure of the rights concerning this video and do not dare embed it here. Besides, it’s in two parts, and a little long. So, here’s the link:

I have read numerous accounts of what are called NDEs, which in my view is a misnomer. Most of these people have indeed died, gone where we are all heading one day, and have been brought back into their bodies. Almost each one returns to a physical life with reluctance; most are brought back for the love of close ones. And ALL are profoundly changed from the experience, which leads them to a less materialistic life, a more spiritual one. I, as well, have been changed from reading so many accounts. More than ever, I realize that all that brings us into this life is love and all that will carry us over to a better one is also LOVE.

To read more, please check NDERF, scroll down to the right of the opening page and you will find Exceptional NDEs. Here’s the link

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