Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Remarkable Near-Death Experience


I know that I don’t publish often on this blog. I have only daytime to be on the computer because of my living conditions (RV with solar energy & batteries), which limit my use of the computer. And with construction, looking after plants and my three dogs, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. my days are quite filled.

I have posted a link to the Near-Death Experience Foundation, which has for years now, collected and published reports of near-death experiences. While there are very remarkable stories, this one is recent although the experience itself is not recent. The reason that this one strikes me as exceptional is that there is no attempt to identify the Being of Love on the other side.

Before I go on, here is the link

Since I have no religious affiliation, it relieved me of a slight unease thinking of my crossing over. What or Whom shall meet me on the other side? It also relieves me of the whole judgement question. I have read it over and over these past few days and still think it is an exceptional account bar none.

I hope you get from it what I did.

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