Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Meaning of Life


Once more, I watched Renee Pasarow’s video about her dying and crossing over into the spirit realm. I have read about HUNDREDS of Near-Death Experiences and what strikes me in most of them is that the term Near-Death Experience is a misnomer. These people DIED and were brought back to their physical body. Medicine has taken giant and extraordinary leaps into resuscitating bodies that had flat-lined and been declared clinically dead. But this is not what it’s all about…

Renee is asked “Have you found what the meaning of your life is?” Her reply is simple, “The meaning of life is to give one’s LIFE MEANING.”  That meaning is based on LOVE. Love does not judge. Love does not compete. Love does not mean achievements or riches. Love given freely is like a ripple that reaches every human on this earth, it is so powerful. Mother Theresa said, ‘There are no great deeds, just small deeds done with great love.’ If that was indeed her philosophy, look at what she accomplished…

Again, after reading and listening to hundreds of experiencers of the crossing over into the spirit realm, it becomes impossible for me to deny that however insignificant we may feel in the physical world, we are in fact mighty spiritual beings having a physical existence.

While I do not identify with any religious group, I have for years found resonance in Native Spirituality. As a child and teenager I had a very difficult life. I do not recall ever being hugged or told, ‘I love you.’ There was no celebrating birthdays or Christmas. My world was filled with harshness and violence. In their own way, my parents did their best according to what they knew at any given time, given the harshness and difficulties of their own existence. It is impossible for me to hold a grudge. Yet, in spite of all, I did find softness, gentleness, and love with animals.

Later in life, I found that my beliefs were really close to those of many First Nations elders, namely that the Earth is a living being, that we, humans, are all connected not only with each other, but with all of Creation. No attempt is made to develop or adopt a theology, or knowledge of God, as the Creator is so beyond our human understanding that it is a fruitless pursuit. That we are bound to care for all of the created world and that the Earth is our mother, a great being with a destiny of her own. All these have been confirmed by the NDErs.

What I have learnt from those who had crossed over and crossed back is that all that sustains life is LOVE. That what brought us into existence is LOVE. All that has any meaning is LOVE. In our times of strife, hate, vindictiveness, violence, material pursuits as an end in themselves, veneration of riches and physical beauty (if you don’t believe me, just watch the news), denial of death, judgmental decrees about other species, other societies, other races (isn’t there just ONE human race after all?), defilement of our beautiful planet, all of our actions are antithetical to the true meaning of life, and as far away from love as possible.

I guess that I’m making a judgment of my own life before crossing over. Practice, I hope. I think it was Socrates who said, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. I’ve been doing a lot of that these past few years. In my life, I have made more mistakes than I care to remember. I suppose that I have equally forgotten some good deeds. However, based on what I have learnt from those who have met their own judgment on the other side and upon re-entering a human existence, have turned their life around some 180 degrees, they are walking the talk. I hope to live the rest of my life doing the same.

I beg you to please refrain from thinking that I am preaching. We all have freedom of choice, don’t we? I’m just sharing. My goal in settling here in Mexico and building my own little place was and still is to celebrate the gift of creativity from the Creator and to share my life with my beloved dogs. A choice that I have been denied North of the border in both the U.S. and Canada.


Anonymous said...

Your link came at just the right time. An old friend was stabbed (multiple times)to death walking up to her front door after church last week(a robbery). I was focused on the terror she must have gone through. You helped me see past those last few earthly seconds of her life. Thank you.

Stargazer said...

Your comment brought tears to my eyes. I ache for your pain and sympathize deeply. Once more you have intervened and convinced me to keep writing. I was contemplating dropping both blogs, wondering whether I was simply throwing words out there flitting about without any significance.
Hearing from readers keeps me going and validates my efforts. For this I thank you very much.
My next post is dedicated to you and I hope will bring you a measure of solace.