Sunday, November 20, 2011

Out worldly???


I realize that technically, this post is not strictly about metaphysics. However, people who are ready to look at the evidence for a reality outside the accepted social norms and especially the scientific world might be interested in this.

For a number of months now, I have followed Lloyd Pye and his attempts to get the Starchild skull DNA determined. It’s all mind blogging. Pye has written an e-book titled Intervention Theory. I had already heard his arguments in favour of some kind of intervention by an advanced species from another planet in mating with the human species (also called genetic engineering) of which we would be the result.

Pye has specialized in hominoids for more than 20 years and has done a lot of research on creatures such as the Yeti in Asia, Bigfoot in our corner of the world and he recently posted a link to the discovery of a Conehead in Peru. Here’s the link:

There’s another link to such a topic and here it is:

Pye relates the story of Zana a hairy female much in the style of Bigfoot. She lived in Russia, mated with human males, and produced human children. This is the link to her story with photos of her children:

Anyway, this is not for the strangeness or sensational factor that I publish these links. It’s just that while scientists are supposed to look at any previously unknown phenomena with an open mind, they look at any explanation that will nicely fit with old theories. This is commonly called HAVING A CLOSED MIND.

Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD. professor of psychology at the University of Arizona, has founded a department that looks at the evidence of communication with discarnate (spirits) and psychic. As one who has at times been contacted as a medium to transmit messages to those living in the flesh, I certainly have anecdotal evidence of this form of communication, how truly it relates to the living, and how at times it provides comfort. Here’s the link to the Veritas program:

Dr. Schwartz was interviewed by George Noory, the host of the radio Coast to Coast am that runs from 10 pm to 2 am PST and here’s the link:

I find it captivating to openly look at any evidence of a world outside our socially acceptable theory of the universe. Isn’t it a lot more interesting than to open a webpage like yahoo to find the latest news about Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the stories of children or teenagers who become millionaires before reaching adulthood? How uplifting…

As a final note on links for news, whenever I want to find a cross-section of news around the world, I highly recommend the BBC online and here’s a link:


I hope that you enjoy these links. Now, I can go back to more mundane concerns.

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