Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making One’s Days Count–cont’d


I was a foster parent for almost 10 years, from age 56 to retirement at 65. I will not go into details, but please believe me when I state that there are horrible things done to children. Before that, my professional life had been in administration and translation. After I’d moved to Calgary, I was reluctant to return to serve “the establishment”; I had a desire to serve in my community and in a way, make my days count for something more than help an already replete rich employer make even more money. Fostering was it.

In an effort to prepare myself, I read copiously accounts of adults who had been in foster care as children. As well there were many seminars organized for foster parents. They dealt with relevant topics and were very informative.

Through all these experiences, I was struck by how nature will help a child undergoing severe trauma to phase completely out of the experience while it lasts. It’s as if the essential part of the self opted out of the body to minimize the pain, in many cases, atrocious.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have read hundreds of accounts of people dying, then being resuscitated. In cases when the suffering is extreme such as during a criminal attack or through drowning, particularly for children, the soul, for lack of a better word, is released from the body to alleviate or sometimes completely eradicate the pain.

The following links are stories of adults and children who underwent such experiences:






I hope this can help anyone coping with learning of a friend’s death resulting from a violent attack. As the saying goes, “God in his infinite wisdom, will not give you more than you can bear”, or something of the sort. I recall the story of a man, at least middle aged, who appeared on Oprah. He had been on a plane when it  burst into flames. He describes what he saw as Dante’s inferno yet there was something truly transcendental about the event. I’ll let Oprah describe the interview in the next link.


As I mentioned a few times, I believe that we are powerful spiritual beings having a temporal life. The goal seems to be that we should learn as much as we can and spread love, after which we go home.

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