Sunday, July 3, 2011

Death as a Teacher


I have been away from this blog far too many months. Although it is not an excuse, I have to admit that my other blog and all the events I described in it used up a lot of my energy and time.

I just re-read the two books I had kept years ago, written by Dr. Brian L. Weiss, a doctor in psychiatry in Miami, Florida. The first one is titled “Many Lives, Many Masters” and the second one “Through Time into Healing”. In the first one, he describes how he stumbled across how past life recall by a patient under hypnosis can reveal prior lives experiences to be the cause of current life problems. The second is further exploration of how patients’ prior lives had influenced their current one.

After reading also about the near-death experiences of hundreds of people described in the website Near Death Experience Foundation, I have come to the understanding that being born is far more traumatic than dying. The latter is simply going back home. Yet, virtually all who pass through that portal report that they have a comprehensive, yet instantaneous, life review of which they are the sole judge. Certain lessons were learnt or the soul might chose either a return to the current life or else, may well have to repeat a similar life for the lesson to be learnt.

On a more personal basis, I am aware of some prior lives of mine and in reviewing them, I can see how my failure to learn a specific lesson has run through many other lives. Strangely enough, material realizations count for naught. The only values to permeate a physical life are twofold – LOVE and LEARNING. To me, it is quite clear how our eventual death can be a life teacher…

When I think of facing my own judgement at my passing over, what am I likely to find? Will I be satisfied with my accomplishments in these terms, Love and Learning, or will I have to do it all over again? In this sense, contemplating one’s inevitable death can be a very wise teacher. And it can eradicate Fear completely. This lack of fear has inspired many of my decisions in life. Particularly in this later part of my life. 

I have stated that I am more spiritual than religious. The fundamental reason for this is that I want to assume complete responsibility for my thoughts and actions. Not in terms of following specific dictates of a religion, whatever it may be, but simply by reckoning that I am one with the universe and the universe includes all that lives. That would be me, as well. I must be, and will be, accountable. I, alone. 

Let my life be one of sins by commission, not by omission, which would be fear-based. You may well ask me, what about Faith? I have unshakeable faith that in using the gifts granted me by the Source of Creation, I can live without fear of anything. Life on the road has taught me that when an unforeseen complication or event occurs, help is already on the way. It has been proven to me time and time again. But I must assume MY responsibilities, physical, mental, and  spiritual. It all boils down to a simple truth found in all religions. The Golden Rule.

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Anonymous said...

Very timely post for me. You continue to inspire me. Thank you for being a teacher.