Sunday, January 30, 2011

An Astrological Chart as Doorway

When I began studying astrology, way back in 1976, it appealed to me as a logical, analytical approach to an otherwise “esoteric” subject. It is said that astrology is both a science and an art. I fully concur. There is so much to memorize that just that part takes years. While it is easy to analyze bits and parts of the natal chart, it is coalescing all these that makes it an art, the synthesis of all the parts in order to REALLY see the person. It is the most difficult aspect of astrology. Based on my own experience, I would venture to say that it takes about 10 years of practice before it finally makes sense.

I’d been a practicing astrologer for some twelve or thirteen years when I was asked to erect natal charts for two boys and delineate them for the mother. She never said why she wanted the charts done. One boy, John Francis, was 13 years old, Nicki was 9 years old. I began with the older boy and sure enough, his character and personality were clear and unmistakable. The real person emerged. I recall that he was a Capricorn. I haven’t kept the charts so cannot recall what his Ascendant was. He was a serious boy, good with numbers, with a rather quiet mien. His passion was music.

For some reason, I couldn’t get a grasp of Nicki as a person and this was highly unusual. Nothing coalesced and further analysis seemed fruitless. I was thoroughly frustrated. So I decided that I would begin with John Francis and apologize to mom when the time came to talk about Nicki (he was an Aquarius). I had not seen any major problem with the older boy and after I’d finished with his chart, I excused myself for water and decided that I’d end it right then and there.

I returned and just as I sat down and took Nicki’s char in hand, got a sudden but (unfortunately) clear vision of Nicki’s past life experience. Here, I want to explain what it feels like (to me) to get a vision. Just think of the movie ET, or Forrest Gump, or Gone with the Wind. Instantly the whole story instantly comes to mind. The characters. Scenes, decor, and even music are immediately recalled. Beginning and ending with all that’s in between. Now, try and relate it all to one who has never seen the movie. It will take much much longer than a few minutes. I call a vision a “capsule of instant knowledge”. And that knowledge does not derive from personally lived experiences. In other words, it is totally alien to the one having the vision. When it comes, I feel my body vibrate at a much higher frequency than normal. Honestly, I don’t like it. I’ve asked why I get them and been instructed, “…When it helps someone”. I gathered it meant anyone but me. (Sure, why not!)

Back to Nicki, here’s what I saw. Nicki as a young soldier looking about 20 years old, in fatigues, stuck in a hole in the ground about 4 feet long by about 30 inches wide and no more than 4 feet high. The hole was covered by planks and some sunlight filtered between the planks. I could also see armed soldiers walking around the area, obviously the enemy. My first reaction was thinking Second World War. Then I got a firm psychic rebuttal, “…Don’t interpret!”. It was then given to me, the Korean War about which I knew nothing. It was all instantaneous, but it did take some time relating. Then I “saw” an older soldier, tall and quite lanky, a Corporal, a bit older, walk around the hole, appearing as if not really doing anything since he was watched. However, he was telling the boy in the hole, “… hang in there brother… we’ll soon be out of here…” and words to show support to the “prisoner” who was no relation, just comrade in arms.

All that the boy in the hole received was a handful of rice to eat a day. I could even “see” him looking for grains of rice in the dirt he was so hungry. His suffering was intense and he often asked to die, any kind of hope alien to his pain. He could perceive darkness, but in his hole in which he could neither stand, nor really lie down, just sit with knees bent, he’d beg God to let him die, quickly, instead of this slow starvation and dehydration. At times, when somehow he’d managed to curl up to try to sleep, he would feel his essence, or soul, leave his body. He’d despair as it would reintegrate the body in the hole. The filth was unbearable in the heat.

It took him three weeks before his wish was granted.

It was my first experience receiving account of a past life. Cautiously, I asked the mother what she knew about reincarnation. She had an open mind, she said. So, with several promptings from “the other side” I decided to relate what I’d been given.

As she listened, quite intently, her face became like a pale stone mask, and once I’d finished, she exclaimed, “…Oh my god, oh my god, now I understand”. She then proceeded to tell me that she’d had no problem with John Francis, just with Nicki. These two were her only children. It turned out that ever since Nicki had been 2 years old, he would ask her every night before going to bed, “Mom, am I going to die tonight?” She’d been devastated by what may have prompted that question. She had no idea how such a young child had developed this terrible worry. Or where it had come from. Every night, Nicki would insist that his door be left open with a light on in the hallway and in the morning, invariably they’d find Nicki in JF’s bed. It was still ongoing. All this, she related with tears streaming down her face.

But mom was also concerned about a more serious problem. I recall that this interview took place a week or two after Thanksgiving. Regardless of how much had been served in Nicki’s plate, she said, within less an hour after a big meal, Nicki would stand before the open fridge, looking for something to eat. This after getting second helpings, at his request. He was insatiable, she felt. He was chubby and mom couldn’t figure out what to do about it. Her family and that of her husband were all quite slim, with no known eating disorder.

I knew from accounts of some prevailing conditions at death having a repercussion in the next life. For instance, that many overweight people had died of starvation in a past life and had brought this “psychic” hunger into another life. No amount of food could make up for starvation in a previous body. Yet the hunger persisted, never abated. I suggested that, if it was in accordance with her belief, she talk to Nicki about his past life experience, but much later. He was too young to fathom such a concept. She thanked me. I wished her good luck.

Fast forward to some 30 years later when I’d met Len and his wife at Clark Canyon Reservoir, boondocking as I was. They had invited me to their home in Hamilton, Montana and we’d become fast friends. When I heard that Len was a Korean War veteran, I thought I’d query him on my “vision”. I had been a child during the Korean War. Besides, it had involved American Armed Forces, not Canada. What I knew of the Korean War was zilch. Zero. My slate had been blank until the vision about Nicki. Well… Len confirmed it all. He said that this kind of torment had been inflicted on American POWs who needed to be “punished” and that whatever I had “seen” had in fact taken place. He even hinted at much worse. I had seen enough with Nicki’s previous life ordeal. I had no inclination to check any of it out. Here, let me point out that at times, the medium suffers pain vicariously. Believe me, I had no curiosity whatsoever. Not from the “other side”, not from Len.

That was a first. Not a last.

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