Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Visions and Messages - Preamble

Here, I don't want to offer a posit to explain anyone else's visions or for getting a message from the other side of the veil (yes... I do mean from "dead people"); this is the explanation that I have worked out for myself based on my experiences. To start with, let me state that in my opinion, it is impossible to explore anyone's psyche or even someone else's thoughts as if being that other person. At least for now, in our 3 dimensional world. But who knows what the future holds for us? Or the Other Side?

Years ago I had gone to an event where many First Nations* people were in attendance. There I met with a very profound and spiritual man, a Mohawk from a nearby reservation, with whom I engaged in a somewhat challenging discussion. Not for him, but certainly for me. As we were to go out separate ways, he concluded with a simple question for me, "...Where do you think the spirits are?" To which I simply admitted that I had no answer. He then stated, "All around us, that's where they are" Today, I do get it. We co-exist, but in separate dimensions. The quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolfe has something to say about this. Click on the link in the left column to check it out.

When I began to get messages from the other side, at first I thought that I was becoming mentally unhinged. That I was telling myself stories. Yet these messages were very clear and were not coming from some recondite part of my memory. I have a near photographic memory and nowhere in my life experiences could I recall anything related in any way to the information that I was getting. Sometimes pictures, at other times, a written word, or even a spoken word or phrase. This was almost instantaneous, yet it would take me some time to unravel it for another person. I was impressed that I'd been given a "capsule of knowing", but one without any connection to my life. Bottom line, it didn't really concern me. In no way was it relevant to my life.

Let me propose an example here. Suppose that I mention the name Schwarzenegger. Right away you visualize the man. You become aware of his life as an actor, then as the Governor of California. You become aware of a multitude of facts, all immediately, all instantaneously. You mentally even hear his voice and his unique accent. If you have seen any of the movies in which he played a role, you also "see" the whole movie. But you would require some time to relate it all. That's what I call a "capsule of knowing". It is immediate and complete. Afterwards my body felt as if it had been 'vibrating' inwardly at a higher speed. It's difficult to explain. Yet that's how it felt even if it was only for seconds. Honestly, it didn't feel that good. Besides, while it happened, even if for only seconds, I felt very vulnerable.

Once I had physically been made aware of the message or even of the sender, I suppose that apprehending such information would imprint itself in my gray matter. So, even to this date, I remember many experiences, albeit not mine to act upon except for transmitting to whoever had been targeted as the person needing to receive it. At one time, I remember wondering mentally, "Why can't I get it on demand?" The answer came very clear, "You will get only what can be of help to someone else", end of discussion. Idle curiosity wasn't relevant, period. Neither was speculation. However, when I would relate the message, the emotional response would validate all that I'd been given.

In my next posts, I will relate some of these experiences.

I am still trying to get the forum going. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to comment. It's a start.

*In Canada, we refer to indigenous people as First Nations.

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